remote control home security alarm wireless security alarm system door sensor alarm


  • Wireless Installation: No wires are installed in the wall. The wireless doorbell sensor is battery powered and convenient to use.
  • Loud Transmission: When the magnetic sensors are spaced more than 0.6 inches apart, you will hear a warning that the door is open, whether you are at home or in yard 750 feet.
  • Remote Control: You can use the remote control to set up arming, disarming, alarming and emergency options within 50 feet.
  • Low Battery Reminder: The burglar alarm can stand by for one year without having to change the battery frequently. When the battery (2 AAA batteries included) voltage is lower than 2.1V, it will beep to remind you that you need to replace the battery.
  • Easy to Install: Easily mounted the alarm on a door or window with double-sided tape. The alarm sensor only needs to maintain a distance of 0.5 inches or less in the vertical or horizontal direction.

You will found it really helpful by below status:

  • Customers visit your shop
  • Children open the door, window, closet, and refrigerator, leaving his/her room accidentally. All these kinds of conditions may bring harm to your baby.
  • Pets coming or leaving suddenly
  • The thief breaking into your house or garage
  • Any thieves try to open your Jewelry cabinet, phone cabinet in your store.

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